Getting Started

Step 1: Invite the Bot!

Or, check out the bot in action!

You can view the bot in action in Gaming Galaxy!

Step 2: Configure Galaxy.Bot!

Setup Guide

Galaxy.Bot has most settings enabled by default, however you may wish to control where the bot responds to certain commands.

1. Learn the Settings Commands

You can view the settings commands on the help page: Galaxy.Bot Settings

2. Configure the Server and Event Times panel

The Server and Event Times panel requires a bit of configuration to get started. By default, this is disabled in new servers since it requires a dedicated channel to function.

  1. Create a channel that only the bot access and is read only to all members. For example, you could use #statusor #genshin-status.
  2. Using this new channel, run the /config server_time_panel add_panelcommand to enable the panel in your server!

3. Configure the Domain panel

The Domain panel follows the same steps as above, however use /config domain_panel add_panel.