Current Server Times and Upcoming Events

Galaxy.Bot comes with a built-in Server and Event Times panel that can be enabled in any server. This panel shows the current server times for all regions, as well as countdowns for active and upcoming events.

The best part: The list of events is managed by the Galaxy.Bot team, so you don’t need to worry about managing the content!

Genshin Impact Database

Galaxy.Bot includes a database of all things Genshin!  Currently supported are Artifacts, Characters and Weapons, but more to come in the future!

High-Quality Character Builds

The Genshin Galaxy Advisor Team spent many late nights and long hours preparing high-quality, detailed guides for all released characters!

In addition to the character builds, Galaxy.Bot also includes character overviews, talents, constellations, and more!

Character-Specific Artifact Rating

Just provide a screenshot of your artifact and Galaxy.Bot will take it from there! It will extract all the artifact details (set, stats, etc) and compare it against the selected character build.

Galaxy.Bot will then provide feedback on if you should upgrade the artifact or pray to RNG for a better artifact!

You can also rate an artifact against all builds in the database if you are unsure who is best suited for your artifact.

And much more coming soon!